Green tea and some black teas, like Darjeeling, are often touted as the best diabetes tea for naturally reducing blood sugar. They do provide notable benefits, but the hidden winner in this category based on our research is a lesser known herbal tea called known as white mulberry leaf tea.

What is Mulberry Leaf Tea?

The Best Diabetes Tea: White Mulberry Leaf TeaThis tea is made form the dried leaves of the white or black Mulberry tree. Mulberry tree’s are native to China, Korea and Japan but also exist throughout eastern north america. Mulberry leaf tea has been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, particularly as an herbal remedy for diabetes.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it’s Mulberry leaf tea is commonly used as a diabetes tea, and even recommended by professionals, as a blood sugar controller. This use is not yet mainstream in the United States, but as scientific studies begin to be released on the subject the benefits are becoming more apparent.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Type 2 diabetes is essentially an increase in blood glucose levels. “Diabetes Care” published a study in 2007 that explains the effect of mulberry leaf on a study group of Type 2 diabetes patients. The study split a group of controlled subjects into two groups: one with Type 2 diabetes and another of a similar set of healthy patients with no major related medical conditions. Everyone the group received a sucrose drink to artificially increase blood sugar levels.

American Diabetes Association of AmericaPart of the people in the study were given mulberry leaf and part were given a placebo, without anyone knowing of course. Scientists administering the study tested blood sugar levels before, during and after the sucrose drink was taken. The results showed that the group who took the mulberry leaf had much lower glucose spikes in the first 2 hrs after taking the drink. The result was pretty clear, mulberry leaf was found as a useful supplement for diabetes prevention and am herbal blood sugar controller. Scientifically this is because Mulberry it is a naturally occurring Iminosugar.

Source & Citation: “Influence of Mulberry Leaf Extract on the Blood Glucose and Breath Hydrogen Response to Ingestion of 75 g Sucrose by Type 2 Diabetic and Control Subjects”, American Diabetes Association

Supporting Research

Credible scientific research is available on the effects of Mulberry leaf as a diabetes tea to aid in lowering blood sugar levels. Here’s a short summary of the findings supported by research that we have found (citations below):

  • Reduces after meal increases in blood glucose for type 2 diabetics (according to the American Diabetes Association)
  • Help control blood sugar levels
  • Significant evidence of lowering blood cholesterol
  • Supresses appetite and may promote effective weight control

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