It’s an exciting day at Coastal Tea Company. A product we’ve been working on for some time now has just been launched on Amazon. It’s a matcha whisk alternative, or “Modern Matcha Whisk”, that provides an improved way to whisk and mix matcha green tea powder. It’s a custom designed, hand propelled kitchen whisk that rotates 360° when pushed. It was specifically designed for mixing and frothing matcha green tea powder. See it in action below.


The modern match whisk in action
The modern match whisk in action
  • Easier, quicker and more effective: whisk, mix and froth matcha tea powder in seconds
  • Rotates 360° when pushed to quickly break apart powder clumps in seconds
  • Long term alternative to a traditional bamboo matcha whisk or chasen
  • 10.25 ✕ 2.25 ✕ 2.25 inch size works inside of standard sized tea cups and kitchen mugs
  • Silicone coated whisk won’t damage or scratch your ceramic cups and mugs like other rotating whisks
  • More sanitary and easy to clean than a wood bamboo whisk or chasen

How it Works

  1. Add 1/2 – 1 tsp. of matcha powder and 2 oz. of hot water (175°F) to a 10 oz. mug
  2. With the matcha whisk in the mug, push up and down for frothy goodness
  3. Fill up the rest of the cup with 165°F water and enjoy
Modern Matcha Whisk by Coastal Tea Company
Our Matcha Whisked with the Modern Matcha Whisk

You should now have an incredibly frothy cup of delicious, properly mixed, matcha!

Thank you, we hope you enjoyed the article.

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