Coastal Tea Company was founded on the belief that people deserve superior quality loose leaf tea and matcha. For more than a decade our family has hand selected and imported premium loose leaf teas from all over the world. We’ve made it our goal to share our passion with you, one tea at a time.

All Natural, High Grade

Many of the tea products found in the United States are low grade and mass produced. Flavors, additives, sweeteners and artificial ingredients are commonly used to mask the low grade teas used in the marketplace. At Coastal Tea, we source only natural ingredients and high grade teas in each product we offer. We thoughtfully seek out the best suppliers, and choose organic ingredients whenever possible.

Supporting Small Family Farms

In the months and years to come we plan to continue this quest and offer a variety of premium teas we know and love. We believe in supporting small, family owned and operated tea farms. Small and locally owned operations allow for an emphasis on quality, detail and pride in the teas they produce, which we strive to pass along to you.


We stand by the quality of each and every tea we provide, and promise to provide truly high grade natural teas. We hope that our passion for delicious, hand-crafted teas will introduce health, happiness and longevity to your life.

Coastal Tea Company