The highest quality Jasmine pearls available

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  • Jasmine pearls of the highest quality grade
  • Grown and hand rolled into pearls in the Fujian province of China
  • All natural jasmine smell and flavor, no artificial flavoring
  • Green tea pearls hand rolled from a single bud and then tumbled with fresh jasmine flowers for flavor
  • No artificial jasmine flavoring of any kind is used, only natural jasmine flowers


Jasmine pearls of the highest quality grade from Coastal Tea Company
Grown and hand rolled into pearls in the Fujian province of China from Coastal Tea Company
All natural jasmine smell and flavor, no artificial flavoring from Coastal Tea Company

Product Description

Classification Green
Geography Fujian Region, China
Caffeine Low
Ingrediants Green and white tea leaves hand rolled into pearls and scented with jasmine flowers
Serving Size 8 pearls per 10 ounces
Steep At 185°F

Customer Reviews

Delicious Jasmine Pearl Tea!

Shared by Farnoosh Brock 3 years ago

Excellent Jasmine Pearl tea! I have been drinking Jasmine Pearls for many years, and tried companies from the far east to the US and the Coastal Tea Company is one of the higher ranked teas I have tasted. Jasmine tea has tremendous benefits for digestion, health, and dare I say happiness. The scent of jasmine is soothing and calming, and watching the tea flower leaves unfurl in the hot brewing water itself is relaxing! Now using the right water, the right teapot and the right drinking cup makes a huge difference in the overall experience. - Use filtered water to boil, ideally in a Zojirushi but you can also boil it on the stove. NEVER the microwave! Yikes!! - Use a glass tea pot that you would only use for jasmine pearls ideally. - Use a clay pottery mug, one exclusively for jasmine/green tea, and never the cheap ceramic cups or heavens forbid, the stryfoam cups (Double Yikes!) - Put one teaspoon of Jasmine Pearls into the teapot. - Pour boiling water onto your clay pottery mug and let it sit for about 20-30 seconds. - Pour the water onto the teapot over the leaves and close the teapot with lid. - Brew for 4 minutes. - Pour and enjoy! Disclaimer: I received a free Coastal Tea Company Jasmine Pearls and here is my honest product review.
Loose tea...yes, please !!...

Shared by T...just T 3 years ago

I am a loose tea lover!! With that said... This tea has an incredible Jasmine scent. The tea itself is not too strong, but I can smell the Jasmine from a mile away! Wonderful tasting & a very relaxing experience sipping on this tea. It makes me feel like I'm surrounded by Jasmine blossoms!! This is one of my favorite teas I have tried recently. It's wholesome, rich green teas like this one here, that made me ditch coffee & opened the door to tea heaven. I literally drink this tea all day long. It'd be perfect for winter or summer, morning, noon, night. It's perfect anytime, any occasion, anywhere. It's actually a PERFECT tea when you have guests over. The tea is honestly delicious & people always want to know where I got it. Also, it's a great show to watch the little pearls unfurl, it impresses people. This tea ranks highly with me for comparison to the taste, aroma, & overall quality of this tea versus other brands. I received this @ no cost for providing my honest opinion.
Five Stars

Shared by Sic 3 years ago

Good quality green tea

Shared by Ellie 3 years ago

A lovely delicate tasting tea & such fun watching the pearly unfurl.
Five Stars

Shared by Thomas Taylor 3 years ago

This tea is simply amazing. Very strong and great taste. Best Jasmine I've ever purchased.
Amazing aroma and flavor

Shared by Kay-Reviews 3 years ago

Amazing aroma and flavor! I am not much of a coffee drinker, so I have tea every morning and this tea not only tastes amazing but seems to give me some energy to start my day on the right foot! I definitely wake up looking forward to my cup of tea every morning every since I got this tea. This will be a re-purchase for me for sure. Highly recommended. This item was received at no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with this product.
Natural jasmine fragrance and flavor

Shared by Margaret P. 3 years ago

This jasmine pearl (mo li zhen zhu or 茉莉珍珠) tea is a lightly oxidized green tea from the Fujian province in China. The whole leaves are rolled by hand into the pearl form and scented with jasmine buds for an intense floral fragrance and flavor. The leaves should be brewed with water that has not yet boiled and only for a few minutes. Once the tea has been drunk, the leaves then can be brewed again, several times in succession. The pale peach-colored liquor has a strong jasmine aroma. The flavor is also predominantly floral and sweet, with some fresh herbaceous notes and only a slight astringency. The tea is packaged in a resealable bag. Coastal Tea company provided tea for evaluation and review.
I like jasmine too for the aroma

Shared by Ken 3 years ago

I like jasmine too for the aroma. It smells really nice and floral. I have never heard of jasmine pearls before so I was really intrigued by it. It came in a resealable brown bag, no fancy product designs, just a label and the tea inside. When you open the bag you will immediately take in the aroma. The tea leaves are wrapped as tiny little pearls. It's amazing how they do that. Then when you put them in boiling water they begin to expand into strands of tea leaves and stems. I like to add a teaspoon which is about 12 of these little pearls into an 8oz cup of hot water. I let them steep as long as I can because I do like the jasmine flavor and it's not that bitter the longer you leave them in and fish out the the leaves after. I have also made a big batch to keep in the fridge to make jasmine milk tea or tea with boba or bubble tea toppings. Tastes really good. ***I received this item at a discount or free for my honest and unbiased review***
A delicious tea in fun, easy-to-use pearls. Easy clean-up and a pretty cool effect as they expand! :)

Shared by ChalmondFashew 3 years ago

This was my first time trying or even hearing about tea pearls and I've been loving them! The pearls are small and then expand once they've been brewing for a few minutes. I love the fact that they're all large pieces, though, and not any dust or tiny leaves. This makes cleanup a breeze! Even though I mainly use this in my electric tea kettle's loose leaf basket, they also work fine in a mug with or even without an infuser. Jasmine is one of my favorite teas and I love the distinctive floral aroma and taste of this one. It's usually very light with just the 2-3 minutes of brewing (as recommended on the packaging). I prefer to brew around 10 minutes for a strong jasmine flavor. You don't need much sweetener with this since jasmine is already sweet on its own. I'm loving the pearls so much that I plan to purchase more of this type. It's really easy to work with and convenient to use. A free sample was provided for evaluation and unbiased review.
fragrant and aromatic

Shared by S.E. Poza 3 years ago

This is a generous portion of jasmine tea "pearls" that unfurl into long strands of tea leaves when brewed. The leaves themselves are pleasantly fragrant and seem fresh based on aroma and appearance (they are not overly dry or brittle and don't have a "dusty" smell nor do they lack an aroma indicating fading flavor with age). I used a small portion to brew a pot of tea to see if it was potent when I used only about two teaspoons for what is the equivalent of four cups. I tested them both on a shorter and a longer steep time. The short time (2-3 minutes) produced a light golden brew which was delicately scented and flavored with jasmine. The longer steep produced a deep gold brew which was richly flavorful in jasmine and very fragrant of jasmine. Neither brews had any sort of strange or off-taste as is so common in cheaper grades of jasmine tea such as those served in budget Chinese restaurants. I also did a test of the used leaves by trying a second round with boiling water with the same leaves. This produced a thoroughly drinkable, but far less floral tea. This was to be expected as all teas tend to lose their floral edge with a second use of the leaves. I was very impressed with the fullness of the pearls after they opened up. Sometimes, these things are a lot of stems or broken bits, but what was left in my strainer was large, full, and colorful indicating that the leaves were fresh and complete. The flavor was also very nice and I was very happy that it didn't have the weird cheap perfume-like edge that cheaper jasmine teas possess. This was fragrant without being perfumey. Note: I was sent a free sample of this product for my assessment.
Enjoy a soothing ritual AND the health benefits of green tea

Shared by Whistlers Mom 3 years ago

To me, the smell and taste of jasmine is the PERFECT enhancement for green tea and I'm very suspicious of anyone who disagrees. Assuming you aren't one of those oddballs, you'll love this tea. Not only does it give you a fine, strong, clear jolt of jasmine flavoring (including that incredible aroma) you get to watch the "pearls" unfold into delicate strands right before your eyes. If you don't have a clear tea infuser (such as the one shown in the picture) get one. Treat yourself to this tea when you have a few moments to sit quietly and enjoy the zen-like experience of watching those pearls unfold and the water become infused with the delicate flavor. I use a teaspoon of the pearls, which doesn't look like much when you scoop it out. Remember that those pearls will unfold and EXPAND. Trust me, a teaspoon is plenty. The seller suggests 2-3 minutes of steeping time, but I generally allow about five minutes. It's such a pleasant experience, why rush it? And this tea won't become bitter from steeping it five minutes. Furthermore, I make a second (and sometimes third) cup from the same leaves. It's a bit weaker each time, but I still get plenty of the wonderful taste and aroma. This is a very reasonable price on high quality jasmine tea "pearls." You can get cheaper jasmine-flavored tea (and it's still good) but it won't have the taste and aroma of the pearls and you miss the soothing ritual of watching them unfold. You probably lead a hectic life (who doesn't, these days?) This is an easy way to slow down the pace for a few moments and give your mind and body time to regenerate. You'll be surprised at how much you enjoy it. The packaging is just right. The sturdy lined bag protects the tea from light-damage and reseals tightly to keep it flavorful. Simple and effective. Free sample provided for review.
Very aromatic and tasy

Shared by TW Brown, Author, Editor, and Reviewer 3 years ago

I handed this to my wife, the tea drinker in the house. She loves it and took it to work the next day. She shared it with the ladies in her office and they all agreed that this tea is super straight up. Very flavorful and sort of lives in your sinuses for a while after drinking. The seller, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, supplied me with this product or gave it at a discount. What you have read is solely my very honest opinion based on my expertise and experience with this product.
Very pleasant jasmine tea: Wonderfully fragrant in dried form, mild-tasting and beautifully golden when brewed

Shared by I Do The Speed Limit 3 years ago

This Jasmine green tea does not have the most potent jasmine flavor, and I do get more "green" flavor, than I do floral flavor. A lot of people like it just that way, so for them, I'm sure this is a five-star tea. If you are looking for a very potent jasmine floral flavor, and if you already have a favorite, this may disappoint a bit. (I have tried jasmine teas with a stronger floral taste, but they were loose teas, with loose pieces of jasmine, and not pearled.) The aroma of the dried leaves is very heady and wonderful. That is an experience in itself. The brewed tea is a lovely, vibrant light gold color that is beautiful to look at, especially in a double walled glass cup sitting in the sunlight. It is really more vibrant that the picture implies. There is no bitterness with this tea--not even when it is brewed too long. *I received a free sample product from Coastal Tea for evaluation/review. The pearls are an assortment of sizes, which was a bit disconcerting for me, but did not seem to affect the brew.
Jasmine Pearl is my favorite tea for the light crisp flavor that grows as ...

Shared by ShaunSanders 3 years ago

I've been drinking tea for a very long time. Jasmine Pearl is my favorite tea for the light crisp flavor that grows as you head toward the bottom of the cup. Or in my case, mug, because a regular cup is just too small for a good cup of tea. Anyway, this is an excellent Jasmine Pearl, one of the best I've tried, and I will certainly be buying it again.

Shared by Michelle 3 years ago

This is amazing! I am a tea drinker and I love jasmine. I have always bought the jasmine tea that is in the sachets but never loose. These Jasmine pearls are really amazing. I just place 8-10 of the little pearls in my mug of hot water and let is steep for about 8 minutes. Then I just remove the pearls, add a teaspoon of honey, and drink away. Some times I just add 4-5 pearls to my black tea and drink it. The taste of these imperial Jasmine dragon pearls is just as wonderful as the smell of them. I am completely amazed by this product and would recommend it to any tea drinker. I purchased this product at no cost or at a low cost in return for an honest unbiased review. I based my review on my own use and opinion of the jasmine tea pearls.
Made Me A Jasmine Believer

Shared by Melissa Hesia 3 years ago

To be completely honest, I am a coffee drinker and have not tried a lot of hot teas. So when I was offered these jasmine tea pearls for a great deal to try and share my honest opinion about it, I had to order a bag. I have a glass tea pot that I had gotten a while ago and so I added hot water and about 5 or 6 pearls and let it sit till the pearls had unraveled and the room had been filled with the aroma of jasmine. I drank the whole pot!!! It was so amazing and I am a huge jasmine fan now. If you like jasmine or want to try it, I definitely recommend these jasmine pearls.
Scenes from a Fragrant Oriental Garden

Shared by W.T.Hoffman 3 years ago

This is an excellent cup of tea. The tea is hand rolled into pearls, and infused with jasmine flowers. Some jasmine tea, has whole flowers packed with the tea leaves. When you add water, you can watch the flowers rehydrate and bloom. This tea is different. The flowers are pressed around the leaves during the processing, fusing the subtle jasmine floral bouquet into the tea pearls. When you brew the tea, you smell an oriental garden at dusk, heavy with the sweet scent of jasmine. As for the taste, its clean, sweet, and refreshing. You don't need very many of the tea pearls to brew a cup of tea.....maybe a teaspoon. They expand so much when you add hot water, that it's hard to believe so much tea fit in just a few tea pearls. The color is a clear golden brew. Also, if you only brew the tea pearls once, you are throwing away your money. I brewed this tea 3 times, and the third cup was as good as the first. So you're getting a lot more tea than you might think, since its of such high quality, you can brew the leaves multiple times. I think you'll be as happy as I am with this jasmine tea, and proud to serve it to your guests and loved ones. I was provided a free bag of tea in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Light and flavorful. Jasmine smells so good!

Shared by sherwilson @ Simply Sherryl 3 years ago

Being an avid tea drinker, this green tea and jasmine flowers has been a joy to consume. I also agree that it has more green tea than jasmine flower flavor but it is still a nice mug of delicious tea. Process like any other green tea. I read that this brand doesn't get the common bitter taste when brewed too long so I gave it a test. I also did not feel that leaving this sitting longer than ideal added any bitterness at all. That is good for me because I tend to start my tea and then walk away and get sidetracked. I like that this can be steeped without getting bitter. Overall, I enjoyed this pouch of tea and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a green tea or loves jasmine. If you have any questions about my experience please leave me a comment. I will be happy to follow up on my experience with this product. As a blogger, I am often provided product samples by companies at a reduced price for consideration and/or review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for others. I refuse to review or endorse products that I have not or will not personally try. Needless to say, I may be a product reviewer but my thoughts are my own and the discount did not influence my opinion of this product. My comments are based on my experiences with the product. I am also a consumer and appreciate reading and giving honest feedback about products.
This tea is delicious.

Shared by Britta Varner 3 years ago

This tea is Devine. It truly is. I only kept my 5th star because it seems pricey. Still, I have only had this type of tea one other time. Someone had bought it as a gift on a trip to China. It was good. This is better. I would be reluctant to branch out to another jasmine pearl after tasting this one. I would hate to be disappointed over a few dollars.
Three Stars

Shared by Wen Nomura 3 years ago

It tastes artificial fragrance to me. I would not buy it again.