Modern alternative to the traditional Japanese bamboo matcha tea whisk.

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  • Rapidly mix and froth matcha green tea powder in seconds
  • Rotates 360° when pushed to break apart powder clumps instantly
  • Great long term alternative to a traditional bamboo matcha whisk chasen
  • Bamboo wood handle, ice blue silicone whisk color, durable stainless steel design
  • Protective silicone whisk coating won't leave scrapes or scuffs on your cups and mugs


Rapidly mix and froth matcha green tea powder in seconds from Coastal Tea Company
Rotates 360° when pushed to break apart powder clumps instantly from Coastal Tea Company
Great long term alternative to a traditional bamboo matcha whisk chasen from Coastal Tea Company
Bamboo wood handle, ice blue silicone whisk color, durable stainless steel design from Coastal Tea Company

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works for milk frothing, too!

Shared by S.E. Poza 4 years ago

I've only recently started to make matcha at home and I did not have a proper Japanese whisk. When I was offered a chance to review this item (which I received gratis), I jumped at the chance as I've been finding that getting the finely ground powder to dissolve adequately has been very tricky. I've been using a Magic Bullet to do it, but it's a cumbersome, messy, and time-consuming process (especially because hot liquids tend to leak out through the base when I use that method). When this whisk arrive din the mail, I was stunned at the size. I expected a little Japanese brush, but this is actually quite big - about the width of a coffee cup at the base with a long handle. I wondered how I was going to "whisk" anything with something so big, but it turns out that it's much easier to use than that and very effective. It moves a bit like old-fashioned egg beaters without the crank. You push down on the handle and the whisk rotates as you hold it in place. This creates a wonderful foamy result that dissolves the matcha powder very well. I used this to actually make a matcha latte and you can see by the pictures that it foamed up very well. I also tried this to whisk and froth almond milk and it created a fantastic foamy head for a latte. This was extremely impressive because almond milk is thin, low-fat, and tricky to get a good foam with. The construction is both attractive and functional. The whisk tip is coated so it doesn't scratch any cups that it is used in. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The length is enough to froth in nearly any size cup (note that I used a very tall 16-oz. Starbucks cup). The instructions tell you to use 2 oz. of liquid/water first to get a good mix. I did that, then I added in 6 more oz. for my latte and it worked super well for me.
Great gist.

Shared by Judy Frankel 3 years ago

Gave them as gifts and recipients really liked them.
Must have for Matcha Drinkers!

Shared by crazedbeauty 4 years ago

This is a absolute must have for any Matcha drinker. I drink one cup a day and havent been making it to its full potential. This whisk blew me away. Worth every single penny
Great product

Shared by Amazon Customer 4 years ago

Great seller and fast service. My first order was not working good so seller send me another one that works perfectly. Love it.
Perfect whisk for my matcha tea

Shared by Keeley Sushynski 4 years ago

Perfect whisk for my matcha tea. The design is so simple and it is easy to use that makes this perfect. I bought this to replace my traditional matcha whisk and I am IN LOVE with this product. Now I can whisk my matcha in any glass I want and it is perfect for making lattes with foam.
Great whisk for small uses.

Shared by Soccerfan 4 years ago

i recently started drinking matcha tea and needed a small whisk that could be used to blend the tea. This whisk has an up and down push motion that is not only easier on the hand and arm but works so well in smaller rimmed cups. I've used it daily for several months and only hand wash it to ensure preservation of the wood handle. The whisk arrived packages very well and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a small sized whisk.
Great Whisk for Matcha!

Shared by Top Dawg 4 years ago

This whisk works awesome for matcha. I've gotten a couple of inches of foam after a 7-10 seconds of whisking with this whisk using a half inch of milk or almond milk, then adding more milk or hot water after whisking. Good purchase.
Like it

Shared by marinka 4 years ago

This is a good matcha whisk. Very easy to mix with just by pressing on it up and down. The only downside is that it's a bit expensive, but I like that it does not require batteries ;). Note that it may not be a good idea to whisk in a paper to-go cup because when I did that the pressure on the bottom almost made a hole in my cup.
Love it!

Shared by mimi 3 years ago

Love my new whisk! Not only works great, it's also lovely!
Unique in the Best Way

Shared by A. Writer 4 years ago

When I make matcha, every whisk works OK, but this one works 100% every time! I drink it twice daily without ceremony, so the reliability and efficiency of this fine kitchen tool makes a difference for me. I can't wait to show it to my daughter, also a big matcha fan; so expect her order soon! And thank you for the fast service.
Great tasting matcha and nicely packaged in a resealable bag

Shared by MK 3 years ago

Great tasting matcha and nicely packaged in a resealable bag. The package notes it will oxidize with too much air so with this particular bag you can squeeze the air out to ensure it lasts longer. Get their whisk too. It's great to quickly froth up the matcha without much fuss.
Five Stars

Shared by pittsypitts 3 years ago

Works better than anticipated. Used with matcha tea and makes frothy very nicely.
Five Stars

Shared by Donna Romano 3 years ago

Works Beautifully!
Tradition is good, it just has a steep learning curve

Shared by Tuananh Vo 3 years ago

I took a Japanese Tea Ceremony class during university as an art elective. We used traditional bamboo tea whips, but even after 3 months of making tea, I still could not make a very foamy cup of matcha. Tradition is good, it just has a steep learning curve. Even after you pass that learning curve, it's still hard to make a good cup of matcha, atleast for me. This made the process much faster and easier, albeit less traditional. So for practical purposes of making matcha, without all the ceremony, I recommend this over a bamboo whip: it might save you some carpal tunnel.

Shared by lisa 3 years ago

I was hesitant about its simplicity but works really great! Use mine almost every day.
works great for

Shared by Robert Diller 3 years ago

I use it to froth my hot cocoa., works great for that
Now i get it

Shared by Benjamin Kaplan 4 years ago

Always drink green tea but never really figured out a good way to whisk. This is it. Just made my first/best cup. Be sure to whisk with just a little hot water first and then add/whisk to the full cup.
Good buy. Cool invention

Shared by G. Gross 4 years ago

This thing works great for mixing matcha tea and frothing hot milk
i love how well it mixes matcha

Shared by kailey 3 years ago

i was skeptical at first but after using it, i love how well it mixes matcha, no more clumps, and it's very easy to use.
This is great. Does the job very well

Shared by Joanna 4 years ago

This is great. Does the job very well. Even used it for my egg whites. Will purchase another one.
Makes preparing perfect matcha and matcha lattes so easy

Shared by Jim 4 years ago

Hold the handle and press down and the whisk spins clockwise. Allow the spring in the handle to raise the handle and the whisk spins counterclockwise. It's easy to do this repeatedly fast, and within seconds your matcha powder and hot water and/or milk is whisked to a perfect drinkable consistency. You do need to use this in a cup that has a sufficiently wide diameter at the bottom. By my own measurements, 2 3/8" should do it. Any less space than that at the bottom of your cup or mug, and the whisk will hit the sides of your mug and won't spin. One thing that enables the whisk to spin is a rounded metal nub at the bottom of the whisk. The nub sits on the bottom of your cup or mug and raises the whisk just enough to allow it to freely spin (about 1/4"). When I make matcha, I follow the instructions that came with the packages and tins of matcha powder I have, which is to first put the powder in the cup, then add just enough water to mix it into a paste. Then add more water (and/or hot milk) and whisk. That's how I do it with this whisk and it works perfectly and this whisk does the job pretty fast. I have used this to prepare matcha with just hot water, and also to prepare matcha lattes, and it works perfectly every time (and I get matcha with no little lumps of undissolved powder). The whisk and handle are nice looking, and it's easy to rinse off (or sponge off, if necessary) the whisk without getting the handle wet. The whisk comes in a hard cardboard tube as you can see in Amazon's photo, which makes it eminently gift-worthy. Someone receiving this whisk plus some matcha powder as a gift would be a lucky person indeed. I received a sample Coastal Tea Company Modern Matcha Whisk to review.
Works well, attractive design

Shared by Margaret P. 4 years ago

This matcha whisk is easy to use and has a clean design. It would make a nice gift for anyone who drinks matcha or other frothed beverages. It is 10 in. tall with a smooth handle of engineered bamboo. The steel shaft terminates in wires covered in a pale blue-green silicone. The core of the tube that holds the wires is sealed to securely hold them in place. Pushing the handle down spins the wires a full turn and then they spin back automatically. It takes surprisingly little effort to mix and froth matcha, warm milk, or hot chocolate. The whisk works best with a relatively small amount of liquid. It is packaged in a recyclable 100% wood fiber tube. Coastal Tea Company provided a whisk for evaluation and review.
Super easy to Use!

Shared by Aunt B 4 years ago

In short, this is a great whisk! The whisk comes in the package as seen in the product images and it looks just like the images presented. A soft blue silicone coats the whisk part. To use it: Place the whisk in your beverage, hold the handle and gently press down. The whisk spins as you press down. As you release your pressure, the handle will rise up and the whisk spins the opposite direction. Simply continue to press and gently release to create a constant mixing. I LOVE it! I use it for my tea as well as for my Bullet Coffee; I am sure you can use it for any beverage that needs mixed. I rinse it off immediately and let it air dry. Because of the bamboo handle, I would suggest you do not put in the dishwasher. I think this would make a great gift to oneself or to others.
Great device!!!

Shared by Kathy Parsons 4 years ago

I have been drinking Matcha green tea every morning for the past year or so as a supplement and cancer preventative (as recommended in a book I read). I'm not crazy about the flavor of hot Matcha tea, so I've been mixing it with some iced tea mix and drinking it cold. Before I received this Matcha Whisk to review (I received a free sample in exchange for an honest review), I was stirring like crazy as I mixed the ingredients, but had to have a spoon handy when I drank it because so much of the Matcha filtered down to the bottom of the glass. I tried starting with warm water and the Matcha and that worked a little better, but this whisk fixes the problem and with a lot less effort. I still mix the Matcha in a small amount of warm to hot water with the whisk and then add the tea mix, cold water and some ice. The tea gets nice and frothy with the whisk, and I'm sure it would work great with other beverages, both hot and cold. The whisk itself seems like a fairly simple spring-loaded device that should last a long time even with regular usage. The bamboo handle is attractive and feels good in the hand. This is a great gift either for yourself or someone else, and the cardboard tube that it comes in would be sturdy in the mail and easy to wrap. I'm very happy with mine!
A Few Pumps And You Are Done

Shared by Melissa Hesia 4 years ago

I was offered this Matcha Tea Whisk from Coastal Tea Company for a great deal to try and share my honest opinion about it. I am not a huge matcha tea fan but I like to froth chocolate milk for my mochas and I thought this would be great for scrambling eggs for french toast as well. I used it for my chocolate milk, definitely works great, frothy and mixed great since I use actual chocolate powder. I also tried using it with eggs and cinnamon for french toast because the cinnamon always clumps up. It works great on mixing that up and twice as fast thana fork as well. If you are looking for a whisk for matcha or other things, this one from Coastal Tea Company will easily get the job done.
Great Wisk

Shared by Leslie D. Green 4 years ago

This is a great wisk. It mixes the matcha tea just fine. Kinda on the expensive side tho. Easy clean up too. Hand wash only. I've even scrambled my eggs with this wisk. A lot you can use it for.
Great Whisk

Shared by Mary Lou 4 years ago

Love this whisk, it does a great job with matcha powder, makes it nice and smooth. I love to add a little mint extract and lots of almond milk with the matcha for a yummy latte. Recommend highly.
Try it, you will like it!

Shared by Mary N Ricks 4 years ago

I have been a fan of match a tea for many years and consider the health benefits great. I have been through several bamboo whisk over the years and am thrilled to find this product! It works perfectly without spilling any tea which I typically did with the traditional whisk. Over the years I have taught some classes on teas and students have always been interested to learn about match a tea. I will continue to show the original style whisk but will recommend this new style. I was also pleased that the company cared enough about their product to email me with suggestions on cleaning and use. Kudos for a good product and caring company!
Five Stars

Shared by julie martin 4 years ago

mixes matcha so easy. fun to use
Video Demo of Whisk Action & Two Points to Keep in Mind

Shared by Tinfoot 4 years ago

I waited two months before posting this review - mainly because I did have a little doubt about how well the metal bar would hold up with regular use... And it holds up just fine. I demo the whisking action in my video, and there are two points I want to stress: a) The metal bar is on the short side, so when pressing down, the bamboo handle will come into contact with the liquid in most larger cups and containers. However, this leads me to the second point. b) As soon as you are finished with the whisk, DRY THE HANDLE. Do not let the liquid just sit and dry on its own. Bamboo is wonderful wood, but it is also inherently absorbent (and why this isn't dishwasher safe). However, as long as you hand dry the handle after use, you will get many, many years of use from this whisk. Aside from that, a great manual kitchen tool for weak hands with aesthetic appeal. - Complimentary product provided for evaluation, yet my thinking here reflects all my personal purchasing decision processes, and hopefully may help clarify if this best meets your own needs and expectations.
Nice product

Shared by Kristin 4 years ago

This whisk works great to break up the Matcha tea. I have used regular whisks before and they are not as good at the job as this type is. I do think it is a bit expensive but I am still glad I purchased it and will use it a lot. Seems well built and hopefully will last a long time.G
This whisk is awesome! It was more expensive than other brands

Shared by elisa miller 4 years ago

This whisk is awesome! It was more expensive than other brands, but works much better. I especially love the way when you push down on the end of the whisk into the bottom of your mug, it automatically spins the whisk to dissolve the powder and produce froth. I bought this as a gift, but will definitely be purchasing one for myself!
Near perfect in a cool gadget

Shared by Kat 4 years ago

This is life. It's o fun making my morning matcha latte with this. It's awesome. Everyone wants one the second they see me use it. Cool and beautiful little gadget. To the manufacturer I would just suggest an update to the design. The middle tip should be covered in silicone like the rest of it. When you put it in a cup to use you have to be careful it doesn't scratch the bottom. For this reason I use a thick glass measuring cup. I'd rather not have an extra item to clean but still I feel it's worth it. Cleaning the authentic matcha mixer is even harder still. Love this and use it everyday. I store it in the original box and it still looks and works lole new. Do not hesitate to purchase.
Nice frother. We have been using it to froth ...

Shared by KA Perkins 4 years ago

Nice frother. We have been using it to froth half and half for coffee and it works great, seems sturdy. Great that its non-electric and quiet, and the bamboo handle is very attractive.
LOVE this product

Shared by Amazon Customer 4 years ago

LOVE this product! It's easy to use, very stylish & works like magic! What more can you ask for?! It makes my morning Matcha Tea a breeze to make & leaves my tea nice & frothy! I highly recommend!
For the purposes of mixing matcha it is wonderful and at a great price too!

Shared by Leighanne 3 years ago

I really like this whisk. It mixes up the matcha powder very nicely. I was hoping to use it to froth milk but because the handle is half bamboo you can't really immerse the entire handle in milk. I would worry about the bamboo absorbing the liquid. But for the purposes of mixing matcha it is wonderful and at a great price too!

Shared by TDBoston 3 years ago

Fantastic little gadget! Made making Matcha tea a breeze! Love the froth that it made. Easy to clean as well. Very happy with purchase.
Efficient little wisk!

Shared by Marce 3 years ago

This little wisk works very well and is also very cute! Matcha was mixed easily and quickly and frothed up perfectly. Very pleased with this product!
Love using the whisk for my green tea

Shared by Terry Gargano 3 years ago

Love using the whisk for my green tea. I take it with me to work and make my tea there as well. Very convenient
Five Stars

Shared by Laurie Henson 3 years ago

OMG this thing is awesome.
This works better than I thought

Shared by WerStra 3 years ago

This works better than I thought. I am new to the Matcha drinking concept but this disolve any powder and give it the richer taste after its used to 'make' the tea.
The whisk looks better than I thought

Shared by C. Dennis 3 years ago

The whisk looks better than I thought. It comes in its on storage case. I loved they used natural products. I bought it expressly for matcha tea and can't wait to use it. The whisk reminds me of a high-end set used because I LOVE baking and cooking. Winner for me!
Best Macha Tea Whisk

Shared by Vicki 3 years ago

I'm a "newbie" to matcha tea so this is the first whisk I've purchased. Therefore I have nothing to compare this whisk to, however it is wonderful! I did a lot of reviews searching on amazon on other matcha green tea whisks and determined I needed this whisk from Coastal Tea Co. I use 12 oz cups and this was the only long handled whisk I found on amazon. It works like a charm! Just simply push down ever so lightly on the handle a few times and the tea froths up beautifully! It spins many times both on the down-push, and on the up-release. The whisk is very well constructed, having a bamboo handle, steel shaft, and rubber (?) coated whisk, so it should last a lifetime. The container is made of very sturdy cardboard so I store my whisk in it. There are instructions on the back label on how to use the whisk and how to make matcha tea. I definitely & highly recommend this product!
Five Stars

Shared by ellen wendy 3 years ago

Works really great! Use it in my cup so I don't have to use a separate bowl.
I love this whisk

Shared by P8tra 3 years ago

I love this whisk. It is fast, easy, satisfying and fun to use. It froths the Matcha very nicely. I am very happy to have it and love that it does not require electricity to operate. I have just tried their 100% Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha and it is excellent. The best thing is that they have fantastic customer service which I experienced when dealing with a minor issue on my last order. The issue was dealt with quickly and they went above and beyond my expectations in resolving it. It is nice to deal with such a company and I recommend this product.
Thank You ...

Shared by Kamal Baqtyyan 3 years ago

More than wonderful !!
Five Stars

Shared by L Berry 3 years ago

Love the thing for mixing just about anything when we are out camping and have no power.
I loved mine so much I bought one as a gift

Shared by Jaq 3 years ago

This thing is magical. I loved mine so much I bought one as a gift. Whisks matcha like a dream but also great for frothing milk for lattes and whisking eggs. Glides like a dream and would be fantastic for someone with limited hand mobility (wrist pain/stiffness).
A good, sturdy whisk. Made with good materials.

Shared by MM-California 4 years ago

This is a pretty good little whisk for matcha. I had been using (and still have) the standard bamboo whisk, but I took a break from using it to try this out. It works as good, and sometimes better than the bamboo whisk for breaking down the matcha. I was going to buy this whisk and I had it on my Amazon wish list. I ended up asking the seller a question about their matcha tea and I was offered the whisk free of charge if I'd try it and post an unbiased review. The very first time I used it, I didn't think it was anything special. But I decided to try it for a few weeks, and I switched between it and and bamboo whisk to compare and also give this a fair chance. This does work very well, and it has the added bonus of being good little milk frother, too. It's easy to clean--I just put a little soap on the wires and spray it with hot water and I'm done. The way I use this whisk (and the bamboo whisk) is I steam a little bit of milk and then add the matcha and whisk. Then I add the rest of my milk for the latte and I steam everything together. The instructions I've always seen actually say to heat a little water and whisk it. So I don't follow those rules since I use milk. I sometimes still have a few small lumps, but nothing too bad. But that's probably because I am whisking in milk rather than water. I have grown to love this whisk and I was thinking it might come in handy for other cooking needs, or when you need to dissolve some other kind of powder into a liquid, etc. It does a decent job of frothing milk if you don't have a frother. It doesn't take the place of a frother, though. Check it out. The price is a little high, but it's good quality materials. I like the packaging, too. Again, I was already planning to buy this, but I was offered this for free if I tried it and gave it an honest review. And trust me, if I hated it, I would have said so.
great idea, mostly good whisk.

Shared by marty 3 years ago

Whisk works great. I used it on some matcha and it did a pretty good job, it did not break up all the clumps fully. I am guessing that is due to the small nub at the bottom keeps the whisk from touching the bottom of the cup. It did fine overall, just not perfect. Great design and idea though. Do be warned though I used this in a small coffee cup and it was just big enough to not dip the wood in the water when using it. If you plan on using this on a taller mug or anything I would suggest either something else or be very quick to clean and dry it as the wood would quickly become water damaged if you used this a lot without drying it.
Nice design, but steel may grind your mug

Shared by IB 3 years ago

Overall I like this product. The design is quite good, making it simple to use and clean. Not much to add to the other reviews except to emphasize that the metal tip at the bottom will leave marks on ceramic mugs. As a temporary solution, I recommend whisking in glass first and then transferring your latte-goodness to a mug. To achieve 5 stars, it would've been nice if the metal tip was coated with silicon, for example.
Shaky handle. At point where metal whisk protrudes from ...

Shared by John85 4 years ago

Shaky handle. At point where metal whisk protrudes from handle, plastic washer deformed causing handle to losely grip on metal wire Edit: but after sales service is great. Overall, at least a four star
Works but sloppy manufacturing

Shared by Tiana 3 years ago

The whisk works well but I'm concerned about finding glue (?) in my drinks.
Whisk / Manual Mixer Easy To Use And Clean

Shared by Darren O'Neill 4 years ago

This is a nice manual alternative to a battery operated milk frother. It is simple to use as the head of the unit is about the right size to just fit into most tea / coffee cups and when you press down on the handle the silicone coated blades turn and when you release the handle the blades turn in the opposite direction as the handle returns to its original length. The whisk seems pretty heavy-duty and doesn't feel like it is straining at all when I'm using it. It is easy to clean the silicone head off by rinsing it under a faucet. It is NOT dishwasher safe, so keep that in mind. Overall this is a nice whisk / manual mixer that works great for making Matcha tea or lattes as well as for frothing milk or stirring powdered cocoa into hot water. Recommended. Sample provided for review.
I really like this, I've been drinking my matcha tea with ...

Shared by Ann O. 3 years ago

I really like this, I've been drinking my matcha tea with lumps and clumps in it. I finally gave it and now I don't have to anymore! The only thing is I expected it to be a little smaller, it looks a little bulky to me. But I still like it.
Wonderful buy

Shared by Miriam Wright 3 years ago

Love this whisk. Works quietly and smoothly.
Works Great

Shared by D.D 4 years ago

This is a great Matcha Tea Whisk. You simply put the whisk in the cup, and press down on the handle to create a nice smooth froth. It does a fantastic job, and unlike an electric one, easier to control and does not splash everywhere. It is not dishwasher safe, and requires light rinsing after each use. It feels durable, and does a wonderful job. If you need a nice whisk for tea or any other drinks, I would try this out. * Free sample provided for my review
Great that it has the coating on the bottom of ...

Shared by M. O. 3 years ago

Great that it has the coating on the bottom of the whisk so I can use this with my coffee press. :)
Clever little rotating whisk

Shared by JWINK 4 years ago

I haven’t tried this brand’s tea but I can say they have a clever little Matcha whisk. This is a good quality whisk that has a bamboo handle with a sturdy stainless steel whisk that has a non-stick silicone surface on the whipping end. The neat part of the whisk is that is has a spring-like spinning action that when you press into a cup or bowl, the whisk spins and rotates, automatically whisking the Matcha, making this an easy manual way to froth up the tea or mix up a smoothie or drink. This comes in a cylinder container with the instructions for use on this and that container could be used for storage but I would like to see a hanging loop on this whisk. The total length of the whisk is about 10 inches long and condenses up to 5 inches in length when whisking. With the silicone covering the whisking end, this does not scratch or damage the surface of the cup/bowl you whisk in. This can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher although it easy fairly easy to clean by hand. I did find that the spring/handle area does hold a bit of water at times. This is a nice looking manual rotating whisk that works well for mixing a Matcha, smoothie or other types of drinks. I do think it is a bit expensive at its current twenty dollar price though. 4 stars I was provided a sample for review and I do not promise a good rating in return, nor am I affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon.
Coastal Tea Company Matcha Whisk & Modern...

Shared by Audiophile 3 years ago

Coastal Tea Company Matcha Whisk & Modern...
It still works wonderfully, but I worry about my glasses and mugs

Shared by metoo 4 years ago

Mine came without the little nib to protect the bottom of the glass. It still works wonderfully, but I worry about my glasses and mugs.
Looks great, fun to use, but damages bottom of cups

Shared by Ricky 3 years ago

This whisk looks very nice, made of solid construction, and is fun to use. The froth is not as great as an electric frother. My biggest complaint is the knob grinds against the bottom of the cup, as another user said. I didn't think it would bother me because my cups are not 'precious' but after all, I am a bit sad that my favorite mug has a ring of wear and tear at the bottom of it.
Beautiful design but limited capabilities

Shared by thisisge 3 years ago

I really like the design of this tool but I was a bit disappointed to find that it is not electronic. I whisk matcha on the daily and this gadget doesn't quite froth like a traditional bamboo whisk does. Matcha doesn't dissolve in water and a traditional bamboo whisk is cheaper and tends to break up the clumps better too. This tool is nice if you want to prepare matcha in a taller or narrower cup that a traditional whisk can't reach. For something like a latte, I think a frother is more ideal if you want a creamier texture. Definitely interested in trying this item out with other non-matcha products.