Real Japanese ceremonial matcha green tea powder.

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  • Smooth and creamy Japanese "umami" taste, just like good matcha should have
  • Long-term energy that keeps you going longer than coffee without causing caffeine jitters
  • Natural source of antioxidants, theanine, chlorophyll, and amino acids that may support weight loss and may boost metabolism
  • An honest fresh green color, not stale or unauthentic like so many others
  • Certified organic and imported directly from Uji, Kyoto, Japanese


Smooth and creamy Japanese "umami" taste, just like good matcha should have from Coastal Tea Company
Long-term energy that keeps you going longer than coffee without causing caffeine jitters from Coastal Tea Company
Natural source of antioxidants, theanine, chlorophyll, and amino acids that may support weight loss and may boost metabolism from Coastal Tea Company
An honest fresh green color, not stale or unauthentic like so many others from Coastal Tea Company

Product Description

Classification Green
Geography Uji, Japan
Caffeine High
Ingrediants Stone ground Japanese Tencha tea powder
Serving Size 1 teaspoon per 10 ounces
Steep At 176°F

Customer Reviews

I'm obsessed with this matcha!!!

Shared by Elizabeth Winsauer 3 years ago

Best matcha I've found. Excellent flavor!!!
Very impressive flavor!!

Shared by Tracy K 4 years ago

I had tried a different brand that last time I ordered and it was good but the price was like $30 for just 1 ounce, so I decided to try this one at a better price. The taste of this is amazing. I thought I added too much in my water bottle but when I shook it up and tasted it, there was no bitterness at all. Nice earthy tea flavor. Great bold dark green color and a wonderful froth on the top. I actually have never tried this hot. I have a 33oz/1000mL bottler that I put ice, cold water and a teaspoon to a teaspoon and half green tea in with some stevia. Will definitely buy this product again. The only down side would be that it is packaged in an envelope type bag. I do prefer the tins or a twist top container.
First it came packaged nicely. Delivery is also fast

Shared by T.H. Kim 4 years ago

I think there sseungeo a review. It will write again. First it came packaged nicely. Delivery is also fast. The taste is very rich in flavor. The taste is also good. And if it is suitable haldeut 2 teaspoons spoon with a 1.5 liter. I do not share the whisk is eating with friends. But everyone had a hammock latte was good response. State do one better sleep tips to eat rotten honey. Seller palahra lot. A good product.
Five Stars

Shared by LRP 4 years ago

Love this product! It's easy to throw into my morning shake & it revitalizes me. Quick delivery.
I can enjoy a refreshing green tea

Shared by sliver 4 years ago

Well we arrived. The green tea powder with a deep flavor. Furthermore organic products. Thanks, I can enjoy a refreshing green tea. Thanks.
Long time tea-drinker, so glad I tried this!

Shared by JR Harrison 4 years ago

As a long time tea drinker, I was initially hesitant to try this powder. I'm glad I gave it a shot! This Matcha has an amazing sweet but vegetal flavor, and I love that it's straight from Japan. It might seem a little pricey, but it comes in a larger size than the other retailers I've seen. It dissolves quickly and easily, but follow the recommendations on the packaging! A little bit goes a long way!
A Great Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

Shared by Jaxsology 4 years ago

I swear by Matcha Green Tea Powder because it makes me feel good! It gives me energy that lasts throughout the day without the crash and burn feeling that I get from eating protein bars or other items that are supposed to give you a boost. Not to mention the other mazing health benefits that Matcha provides. Matcha is my new best friend and I try to ingest some every day - mostly mixed in with my smoothies for convenience. This brand of organic Matcha green tea powder is very good. The color is such a rich jade green which made me want to try it as a tea. WOW! This is definitely one of the better brands of ceremonial grade Matcha green tea powders I've had the pleasure of drinking. The flavor is spot on This one makes me WANT to drink it as a tea and not hide the flavor in a smoothie. I've used several brands of ceremonial and culinary grades of Matcha powder and this one definitely rises to the top of the class. It comes in a convenient 1.7oz pouch which is easy to use and seems like more than you would get in a tin of the same grade of Matcha. A half teaspoon is all you need so this bag will probably last me about a month. Bonus points for being 100% certified organic from Kyoto, Japan as I don't like to use Matcha from China. It mixes very nice when I use a mild frother to make my tea, and the powder is not faded in color, like some culinary brands tend to be, although this is not to be confused with a culinary matcha powder). Overall I would recommend this product! * I received this product in exchange for an honest review.* If you found my review fun and/or informative, please let me know. I’d love to hear your feedback. I always read user reviews when I am making purchases, and most times they lead me in the right direction. My reviews are always 100% my opinion regardless of whether I receive a product for free, discounted or paid in full. You can always check out my full reviews at - Now go Shopping!
Powdery smooth

Shared by reiththestud 4 years ago

This was my first Matcha purchase and I am very satisfied. The quality is very high and smooth. I have made both straight matcha as well as matcha lattes and they have all been great. I recommend getting a bamboo whisk to go along with something like this. I will definitely be buying more once my current supply runs out.
A clean, fresh, very flavorful tea!

Shared by Jul W. 4 years ago

This high quality ceremonial grade organic Matcha Tea is very good...the best I've found! ! Nice bright green color with a fresh & flavorful taste, I've bought 2 packages so far and will continue with this brand. Highly recommend!!
A true ceremonial grade matcha

Shared by Comdet 4 years ago

Bottom line: While this is not the best matcha I've tried, it is quite good, and a good value for the price. Unless you're willing to spend more and buy direct from Japan, this is one of the best matchas you can get on Amazon. Full review: Matcha green tea is a type of green tea where you ingest the whole tea leaf (in the form of finely ground powder), rather than drink the water from steeped green tea leaves. Making matcha is enormously labor-intensive, which means good matcha costs quite a bit. Matcha is often categorized as either ceremonial grade or culinary grade. If you intend to drink it as-is, you want ceremonial grade. Culinary grade is of much lower quality and taste (often bitter), and is best reserved for applications such as blending into smoothies or baking, where the taste of the matcha is disguised. This matcha is a decent ceremonial-grade matcha. It's not the most expensive of ceremonial grades, but it definitely qualifies as ceremonial grade. The matcha came in a opaque re-sealable package, and has the distinct neon green color you would expect to see in fresh matcha. I found it to have the expected smoothness and creamy mouth feel (a quality called "umami" that is somewhat hard to describe, but is a kind of savory, "meaty" flavor) that a good matcha should have. Some of the better quality matchas even taste sweet. This matcha had a very, very slight bitter aftertaste. The creaminess, while present, was not pronounced. But given the price point, I would certainly describe this as a good matcha. Some notes on preparation: I've seen many different suggestions for preparation. You'll want to play around with different matcha/water ratios in order to find the preparation you like best. For me, I nearly always prepare my matcha as usucha, or "thin type" matcha (this refers to the consistency, not the flavor). My usual amount is about 2 grams of matcha to roughly 4 oz of water. For this matcha, however, 1.5 grams in 2.5 oz of water produced a preparation that suits my taste. The packaging suggests 1/2 tsp to 12 oz of water. Since a 1/2 tsp is roughly 2 grams, for me, it's a very dilute preparation that doesn't give much of a sense of the umami in the matcha. Certainly give their recommendation a try, but be sure to try making it with less water to compare. While it's not the best matcha out there, I would certainly recommend this matcha over others available here on Amazon at a similar price point. Thus is a true ceremonial-grade matcha rather than culinary-grade. Also, keep in mind that if you're drinking this for heath benefits, the reason why matcha tastes as it does is because of the potency of the high amount of amino acids it contains. A matcha that has all the appearance and taste elements of a "good" matcha - such as this one - also contains amino acids at an optimal potency [Sample provided for review]
Five Stars

Shared by JUSTIN 4 years ago

first time buyer, taster, new to matcha. no complaints.
Top quality matcha at a reasonable price

Shared by Isaiah R Keepin 4 years ago

Fantastic flavor, color, and aroma. As good as anything I've had in Japan or the US.
great matcha, good price

Shared by pmilli 4 years ago

Like this matcha, good price.
Tried it for the price. New favorite for value.

Shared by Cern 4 years ago

This is the 4th brand of matcha I've tried. Started with another Amazon brand that cost 24/ounce, then another. Then I tried a culinary quality tin from my local grocery store and can confirm: ceremonial grade is required to drink it straight. Found this brand was approximately 60% of the cost of the other and still ceremonial grade so I tried it. I would say I like it 95% as much as the my other favorite, and both are excellent. Definitely going to reorder, especially considering the communication and speed of receiving it (in my mailbox on Sunday!). Give this one a shot before ordering a more expensive alternative.
a matcha miracle

Shared by Miss Matcha 4 years ago

Amazing matcha, very smooth, subtle hints of sweetness. The perfect jade green you look for in a matcha.
I like this tea

Shared by reggie anderson 3 years ago

I like this tea... so smooth... the best out of the two i've tried. however I found another brand that offers more bang for the buck..
Five Stars

Shared by Toni B. 4 years ago

Delicious, but also purchase a bamboo whisk for proper green tea.
Smells wonderful opening the bag

Shared by Kat 4 years ago

Finally got around to reviewing this! Smells wonderful opening the bag, and the matcha is nice and bright green. Has kind of a sweet smell with a little bit of grassiness, which is pleasant. It smells even better when you add it to water. Tasted great, very pleased.
Great as tea and awesome in smoothies

Shared by Jenna 4 years ago

Great as tea and awesome in smoothies. It has a sweet taste rather than a bitter one. Love everything about this tea! Also, it shipped super fast! Highly recommend it!
Delicious brand

Shared by Kate Conway 4 years ago

Really a delicious drinking blend of matcha, I recently bought another organic brand matcha from France to replace this one and it just doesn't compare. Pricy but 100% worth it, tastes better than drinks I've bought at the nicest coffee shops.
Amazing Matcha Tea

Shared by PCozza 4 years ago

If you like green tea you will love this Matcha tea from Japan. It has a sweet, smooth taste that is not bitter at all. It tastes great hot and cold - I put some in a smoothie for a bit of a boost. Matcha tea has so many health benefits; high in antioxidants, increases energy, boosts memory and concentration. And you get a lot for your money with Coastal Tea compared to the small tins from other companies. Amazing Tea!
My favorite Matcha

Shared by Raymond C Stenson III 4 years ago

Lately I have been hooked on Japanese Matcha for its flavor and health benefits. When I stumbled across this amazing deal i had to give it a shot. The product arrived on time and is amazing!
Excellent Macha green tea

Shared by Dustin Gould 4 years ago

Excellent Macha green tea. I Drink Macha daily and this is the best tasting and reasonable matcha I have found. Tastes great both hot and cold. I only purchase Matcha from Japan pretty often and this tea tastes just as good as other Organic teas that are 10 to 15 dollars more expensive. Very high quality tea I wil recommend to my friends and plan on purchasing again.

Shared by Carly Humphreys 4 years ago

I first had Matcha about a year ago, it was a present from my brother after his trip to Japan. We love green tea and we flew through it. I had a really hard time finding one with the right flavor until I tried this one, most are to bitter for me but this was perfect! One of my favorite things to do with Matcha is make green tea ice cream but I also like to toss it in a green smoothie for a little extra boost. It's a great product and now I don't have to wait for my brother to go on business to Japan!
this is an incredibly good matcha for a reasonable price

Shared by Nik N. 4 years ago

I was a little skeptical about this at first - it is pretty inexpensive compared to other ceremonial grade matcha coming from Uji, but there were a lot of 5-star reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try. This is a very good matcha, it has a nice balance of flavors and is exceptional as a daily drinker. It comes from Uji, which is Japan's oldest tea-cultivating region. They have some high standards there, to say the least... You ever buy something that feels like a steal? This is it... 4 stars for flavor, but the 5th star comes from value. This is a really, really good price for a clean, solid matcha that can be consumed every day. I like it, my friends like it, everyone seems to like it.
Out of nearly a hundred matcha brands tried over 10 years, this is the only brand I've ever very much enjoyed

Shared by Abraham B 4 years ago

I reserve 5-stars for products that far surpass my hopes for a very positive experience, which happens rarely. I've been buying and drinking matcha for over a decade, and have tried to date many dozens of highly-regarded brands. But I've always returned to steeped green tea leaves because even buying "ceremonial grade" matcha has, until now, still produced a bitter or stale cup of tea, regardless how I played around with water to powder volume, or water temperature. But I just got Coastal Tea Company's matcha in the mail tonight, and though it's late, couldn't wait to give it a try so I could confidently conclude once and for all that I am just not a matcha-person. I whisked up a cup of matcha, poured half the volume from the preparation bowl into my drinking cup, took a sip, and stopped in my tracks. The tea is fresh, beautifully deep jade-green, subtly grassy (not overwhelmingly so), and shockingly--thankfully!--untainted with any bitterness whatsoever. Before I'd even poured my second cup, I raced to my computer to write this review. After having tried nearly 100 brands of matcha over a 10+ year period, many of them expensive ceremonial grade teas, I've finally found a brand that excites me so much I honestly prefer the brew to even the best certified-organic gyokuro I've ever bought. And that's the highest compliment I can pay a matcha manufacturer. This product will remain a staple in our household. Really do love it.
I love matcha tea and I have had only a couple ...

Shared by Bret Lingford 4 years ago

I love matcha tea and I have had only a couple of other brands, but this is certainly the best. I was surprised at the complete lack of bitterness. I have never been particularly bothered by the slight amount of bitterness that comes with the others I drink but this was a pleasant surprise. It made for a wonderfully smooth cup of tea. This is also very reasonably priced for matcha. I will be buying this again in the future.
Surprisingly great quality for the price! My new go to, every day matcha!

Shared by Ponies 4 years ago

Very good quality! Bright colorful dense green powder with a wonderful sweet green tea taste. Made traditionally the brew comes out very sweet and pleasantly vegetal and grassy. No bitter or off tastes, just a sweet pure green tea flavor. You can tell it was made from a quality leaf. I was very surprised and am in love with it! Worth the money and the quality is there. It is a good balance of value and quality. Buying new brands of matcha always feels like a risk because you never know how reputable the company is and what kind of matcha you are actually buying unless you are willing to pay a lot of money. It is worth the extra money to have something of quality but being on a budget means I can't really afford $40/oz matcha either. Finding a happy medium between quality and price is hard as a consumer. I think this product is the sweet spot of price to quality. I'm personally keeping this as my go to matcha and am more than happy to have found it!
it did not disappoint. I was initially skeptical about purchasing tea through ...

Shared by clearfrog52 4 years ago

Got a solid recommendation for this tea from a close friend and I must say, it did not disappoint. I was initially skeptical about purchasing tea through an online source, but this product came as a pleasant surprise in it's quality, value, and flexibility. Alone this tea was of excellent taste, but it blended exceptionally well with some peppermint tea I also had available without sacrificing it's original flavor. Plus with the price I paid the value was superb, especially with how much product you get. A note to be aware of however, is that this tea does come in a powdered form, and not in the standard minced tea leaf bits. In fact I actually found this to be a better way of brewing my tea as I need far less powder to achieve the same pot of tea than with typical leaves. Overall this is a product that I would highly recommend to anyone either as a gift or simply treating yourself, plus the supplier occasionally has excellent promotions to take advantage of as well as outstanding delivery service (only took 3 days with amazon non-prime free shipping). Will definitely be back for more and it's safe to say that Coastal has a solid customer for the future.
my new favorite matcha!

Shared by Kate R 4 years ago

I've recently gotten more into matcha, and have been trying a few different brands. I have mostly been disappointed in the matcha I've found so far. I've had a lot of bitter, brownish, tea and was not impressed. Until now! Seriously, I am so happy with this brand. I'm done shopping around. This is vibrantly green with no bitterness at all. I love the taste and I will absolutely be a repeat customer.
The best matcha tea!

Shared by J ken 4 years ago

What an amazing green tea! It has a great taste without any bitterness. Excellent quality and a great value, I would highly recommend this matcha tea!
Excellent Tea

Shared by Jonathan Dean 4 years ago

First Matcha Tea I have ever tried, tried it pure the first go around and enjoyed it very much. No bitterness what-so-ever, would highly recommend to any tea drinker out there.
Authentic and delicious

Shared by Melissa Rafferty 4 years ago

I'm a regular with drinking matcha tea from a popular grocery store chain and now realize that there's cannot compete. This tea is authentic and delicious !! I didn't realize that I was drinking phony matcha before. Great flavor and I highly recommend.
Five Stars

Shared by Daniel 4 years ago

Great tasting. Not bitter at all.
Highly suggested brand!

Shared by Steven Truong 4 years ago

Amazing taste! Very smooth compare to your regular store bought matcha. The taste is very fresh and the color is bright green. Coastal Tea Company a local company for MA. I am always down to promote a local brand from my home state =)
Great quality. Good umami without bitterness.

Shared by IM 4 years ago

This tea is worth drinking on its own and buying online. My coffee drinking gf is also able to appreciate the lack of bitterness and rounded vegetable flavor. Whisk a quarter teaspoon in a 12oz of near boiling water in a bowl and whisk well. There may be small clumps at the end unless you used a machine. These can be whisked again with 2 oz of water. I got this tea discounted from a promotion but would pay full price without issues.
Great quality & great flavor.

Shared by Kevin McCarthy 4 years ago

Great quality & great flavor. I got this as a gift for a family member, and after hearing rave reviews, had to order my own!
Good First Matcha Experience

Shared by Elijah 4 years ago

I'm not really a matcha drinker (this is the only matcha I've tried) but for a beginner, this seems great. I didn't get the traditional matcha bowls and whisks - I just used a cheap IKEA milk frother. It get's the job done well enough. The taste is quite good, although strong, if you're not used to it. This purchase has made me very interested in matcha, and I will definitely be trying more in the future. I don't think matcha is for everyone, but if you like the taste of other Japanese green teas, like Sencha, you will probably like it. I would definitely recommend this product from this company.
Amazing tea!

Shared by troy 4 years ago

This green tea tastes amazing! It doesn't have a bitter taste, but rather a sweet taste. Not only that, you get a lot for your money, making it a great value for the price. I will definitely be buying this product from now on.

Shared by Amazon Customer 4 years ago

This is my first purchase of Matcha with Coastal Tea and I am very pleased! The flavor is excellent! I will be reordering again! Great customer service too! Thanks!

Shared by Hope 3 years ago

I am new to the world of Matcha tea, and after doing some research, I selected this one. I'm so glad I did. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It is smooth and delicious! I will continue to enjoy the taste and hopefully the health benefits of this wondrous drink.
Five Stars

Shared by Stacey Caletka 3 years ago

Tastes great
Best Matcha I've ever had

Shared by Eric Martindale 3 years ago

I've tried a lot of different Matcha's before and this one is by far the highest quality (dark green) and best tasting I've ever had. Easiest way to tell the quality of the matcha is by the color. The darker it is the higher quality and more chlorophyll and nutritional benefits it contains.
Sweet and fresh

Shared by Anita 3 years ago

Lovely matcha! Sweet and fresh tasting
Great bargain. Good taste.

Shared by Amazon Customer 3 years ago

Great bargain. Good taste. I will order again.
Five Stars

Shared by Amazon Customer 3 years ago

authentic and if you follow the instructions, there were no clumps
Best Green Tea

Shared by Jamie 3 years ago

When I first received this in the mail, I was like "what the heck did I order?" I proceeded to open it up, took a peak inside, and discovered an incredibly odd looking substance: a green powder that was finer than flour. It wasn't until I tried it that I fell absolutely in love with it. It has a delicious taste that matches that of green tea, as it is just finely ground green tea leaves, and includes all of the health benefits that the green tea leaf gives you. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is a health conscious eater, or someone who simply loves green tea. I am definitely going to order more as soon as I run out.
Good Quality, Excellent Taste

Shared by Elias J. Mcclellan 3 years ago

This is an excellent quality tea. While the company states that Matcha is distinct and not for every one, I found the taste pleasant. Unlike another brand I have tried the finish of this tea is clean and mild. There does seem to be a little more powder residue but I attribute that to the finer grind. One point for consideration: this is not cheap. I included a photo for reference of what you get for the price.
Surprisingly Yummy

Shared by Janette Chauncey 3 years ago

I wasn't certain I would like it (this is my first experience with Matcha tea), but the benefits encouraged me to at least give it a try. Well, I'm hooked. Drinking it from the ceremonial bowl gives it a special touch, unlike a cup of coffee sitting on my desk. It's a little early to tell how much additional energy it will give me, so all I can comment on is that the flavor is surprisingly good. Makes me think of spinach, which I happen to like. Add a little honey to sweeten....mmmm, good.
Five Stars

Shared by E. Carbaat 3 years ago

Tastes very good, appears high Quality
Best Matcha out there

Shared by Paula J. 3 years ago

I have used many brands of matcha and this is by far my favorite. Ceremonial Matcha just tastes better. Ordering and delivery was easy and Coastal Tea Company has been very responsive.
Very good

Shared by Nicole M. Walters 3 years ago

Has a good taste and is healthy for you

Shared by rhonda woodhouse 3 years ago

i have lost count of how many orders placed for this AMAZing Matcha Green Tea that continues to delight my morning rituals in preparation for a seamless brand new day of being true to my Soul! THANK YOU Coastal Tea Company for the surprise delivery which means it came sooner than expected. I was on my very LAST teaspoon with total regret that my next day would not be greeted with a cup of your product! AWEsome product! AWEsome Customer Service! AWEsome Personal Wellness Daily Cup of Tea!
Five Stars

Shared by mark tepezano 3 years ago

Nice smooth taste, will definitely buy again.
I love the taste of this

Shared by Nancy 3 years ago

I love the taste of this. Matcha is more expensive, but you don't need to use too much to make a cup of tea.
Superior Quality, Slightly Higher Price

Shared by Been There 3 years ago

The gorgeous green of the powder is enough to make me a fan. I actually mix it into a green drink for the health benefit, so I can't speak to the taste. I was satisfied with how the issue of radiation was addressed, and feel comfortable that proper testing is done on the macha. The price was slightly more for this product than for the grossly inferior macha I tried in the past. I did not want to purchase Chinese macha. This is Japanese macha.
Don't be fooled by other brands. Costal Tea Company is the Best.

Shared by Monpet 3 years ago

I am not a Matcha expert. In fact, I think most of it tastes like alfalfa. But this was by far the best alfalfa I've ever had. It's worth the price. I just bought a cheaper brand with equal star values to this, and it is awful! Imagine alfalfa mixed with dirt. Gross. This Matcha has such a beautiful green to it, the other "equal" matcha isn't nearly as vibrant. I won't be duped again. This Matcha is by far superior! I'm sorry Costal Tea Company for trying a different brand, you are now my only Matcha in my life.
Five Stars

Shared by DAWN MICHELLE HALL 3 years ago

Very quality at a great price!

Shared by allise s. dickson 4 years ago

delicious. please keep this product as clean as you say it is; fantastic.
Excellent quality

Shared by grom-mom 4 years ago

Love this tea! Not a fan of any other. It's very light, yet flavorful. No bitterness. Not only does it taste great, it makes me feel great as well. So long, coffee! One bag lasts a long time too!
good alternative

Shared by Borkenkat 4 years ago

Great pick me up about an hour before exercise. Liking the energy infusion without the jitters of coffee. Co-workers now see me as more diverse, if you know what I mean and I think you do.
Five Stars

Shared by Amy L. Skinner 3 years ago

Love the whisk...perfect for a matcha cup! Fast shipping and great instruction, too.
Really good - I recommend using the right water temperature and ...

Shared by Brandon 3 years ago

Really good - I recommend using the right water temperature and frothing it the right way which makes a world of difference.
Makes an awesome iced tea!

Shared by krevit10 3 years ago

I was looking to duplicate Starbucks matcha green tea at a much cheaper cost, so I used this as an iced tea and it was SO GOOD! I mixed it like the back of the bag told me to and it tasted amazing! I found that less is more when using this tea. I wish I checked the size of the bag before I bought it (silly mistake) because I drank the whole bag in no time!
Five Stars

Shared by Edyta 4 years ago

Love this tea !
This is a very nice matcha and at a great price

Shared by C. J. Dederick 3 years ago

This is a very nice matcha and at a great price. I have ordered several organic brands and this is my favorite. It has a new fresh green flavor and not bitter. Great taste, organic, great price, you can't lose with this one. Will be ordering more soon.
I really like the taste

Shared by Lindsey Christine 3 years ago

I really like the taste, the smell , it froths very well but the packaging is horrible .. YOU lose a lot from closing the bag.. The bag does not seal properly.. it should be in a tin
Quality aside, this is very little tea for the ...

Shared by Amazon Customer 3 years ago

Quality aside, this is very little tea for the price. I don't think there is much value in this purchase. I expected to get double or triple the amount for the price paid.
So far so good! I've used it mixed in smoothies and in ...

Shared by Troy 3 years ago

So far so good! I've used it mixed in smoothies and in foods but not as a drink yet. Good price compared to other brands.
Good stuff.

Shared by CJ 3 years ago

Exactly as stated.
Was not a fan of it alone for drinking but mixing with sugar and using as a latte mix is absolutely perfect. Also made ice cream

Shared by Lucian 3 years ago

Decent quality. Was not a fan of it alone for drinking but mixing with sugar and using as a latte mix is absolutely perfect. Also made ice cream with it. Very strong flavor.
and raw honey and it turned out great. It blended nicely and didn't taste too bitter ...

Shared by Ashley 4 years ago

I used this to make matcha tea smoothies with my nutribullet. I mixed this product with ice, cashew/coconut milk, vanilla, and raw honey and it turned out great. It blended nicely and didn't taste too bitter (the honey helped cut that). I tried it hot and mixed per instructions but I couldn't dissolve it all and it was a bit gritty.This product lasted me almost a month but I didn't really notice a difference in energy, mental clarity, or weight loss (could've been the 1/2 tsp of honey though). I think I'll stick with coffee in the future. This is a nice tea if you are into matcha.
Four Stars

Shared by Tinoosh 4 years ago

A good product. You will not regret if you buy this product.
it's kinda hard to drink like this, its rather bitter

Shared by Major 4 years ago

I drink this as 1 tsp to 2 oz of water, it's kinda hard to drink like this, its rather bitter. But when I brew it at around 1 tsp to 6+ oz of water, it's rather enjoyable.
Four Stars

Shared by kah 4 years ago

Very good tasting. Amount was smaller than I expected, but worth it.
Good Organic Matcha, Great Customer Service from Coastal Tea Co.

Shared by KM 4 years ago

Although this matcha came packaged with NO expiration date, the company seemed to be very concerned about this issue and responsive to my concerns. They resolved my issue in a very timely manner. At the end of the day something went wrong during the manufacturing process when labeling was done. These things happen, so I'm just happy that the company resolved the matter and says they are doing what they can to keep it from happening to consumers in the future. I am very pleased with the Coastal Tea Company's customer service. I purchased the ceremonial grade and have been using it in lattes with almond coconut milk or in smoothies (just a tad too bitter for me to use traditionally with water). I'd also like to mention that I find it hard to reach down into this package and get out just the half or full teaspoon serving size that I want to use without making a bit of a mess (I wish it was packaged in a tin or in a shorter/wider sealed package). I purchased this company's rotating matcha whisk and do recommend it for an alternative to the traditional Japanese chasen (great for travel too).
Not very green

Shared by Amazon Customer 3 years ago

It is not very green as it says. A little bit brownish, looks like old.
This tea may have several other benefits but it makes ...

Shared by Asmita Ekbote 3 years ago

This tea may have several other benefits but it makes you jittery. I am not a big tea expert but I have tried other Macha green teas and never had this problem. Other than that I had no other issues.
First try of Matcha

Shared by OrionFl 4 years ago

Heard of all the benefits of Matcha so had to give it a try. First off this package is ridiculously small...about 1.5x the size of a packet of taco seasoning. Smells like spinach & kind of tastes like spinach. I just tried it with cold water & whipped it gently. Was easy to drink quickly....but definitely could not see sipping it. Tastes like it looks, very green & leafy vegetable flavor..was smooth...not bitter. Wasn't bad...but might be an acquired taste.
... other ceremonial macha tea before this that was much better altho more expensive so have gone back to it

Shared by Darla Faulks 4 years ago

Had some other ceremonial macha tea before this that was much better altho more expensive so have gone back to it. Coastal Tea Co matcha tea doesn't dissolve easily and has a bitter taste so only good for smoothies. Still get good antioxidants and stuff from it I hope.
Picture is misleading

Shared by Richard Meyer 4 years ago

Wasn't as bright green as shown and was more bitter than I am used to.
This is the first time I have ever had this ...

Shared by realfresh65 4 years ago

This is the first time I have ever had this type of tea. I'm a huge tea fan but just had not crossed this bridge yet. I will say I was expecting a larger package. The picture was what I looked at. I will not make that mistake again. As far as the product , its a different taste. I will go to japantown , we have a very well established , even visited by Bourdain, so I should find authentic machi there. I will compare. Finally ,imo , it tastes OK ...