Healthy Mulberry leaf
herbal tea

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  • Natural source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids
  • Grown and processed with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides
  • Premium grade whole, loose dried mulberry leaves rich in essential oils
  • Rich source of healthy vitamins and minerals like GABA, chlorophyll, amino acids, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc
  • Highly regarded for it's health properties


Natural source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids from Coastal Tea Company
Grown and processed with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides from Coastal Tea Company
Premium grade whole, loose dried mulberry leaves rich in essential oils from Coastal Tea Company

Product Description

Classification Herbal
Geography Japan
Caffeine Caffeine Free
Ingrediants Dried and cured leaves from the white mulberry tree
Serving Size 1 teaspoon per 10 ounces
Steep At 185°F

Customer Reviews

Very high-quality whole-leaf mulberry leaf tea.

Shared by Farnoosh Brock 4 years ago

Very high-quality whole-leaf mulberry leaf tea. Package arrived quickly and the quality of the tea is second to none - you are getting the large dried leaves and this is totally different to the dust or the bags that you get from some companies. The tea itself is a bit of an acquired taste (NOTE YOU MIGHT WANT TO LEAVE OUT ABOUT THE TASTE. ITS OK NOT HORRIBLE BUT I DONT THINK YOUD BUT IT FOR THE TASTE!) but it's so worth it for the antioxidant boost that you get from this tea. Great company and great quality tea. Disclaimer: I am a professional reviewer on Amazon and love reviewing products. I received this product at zero or very low cost to test in exchange for providing my honest, unbiased opinion. Your thoughts and experiences may vary from that of my own. I hope this review helps you with deciding about the product. Thank you!

Shared by LOVE-TO-REVIEW 4 years ago

The Mulberry Leaf Tea from Coastal Tea Company arrived safely, smoothly and on time. I am a tea lover but to be honest this is the first time I ordered Mulberry Leaf Tea. After my last doctors visit and blood work results I decided it is time for a change. I was very happy when this company reached out to me to try their Mulberry Tea. I did some online research and Mulberry Tea is used to treat a variety of health issues including: Cold Symptoms, Weight Loss, Blood Vessel Health, Blood Sugar Balance and Diabetes. Diabetes and weight loss are most important to me. The Mulberry Leaf Tea comes in a zip lock bag with a net weight of 3.5oz. You don`t need a lot just 1 or 2 Teaspoons per cup. This product is NOT MADE IN THE USA it is MADE IN CHINA and imported. Still a premium tea with lots of Vitamins and Minerals. I don`t expect something that is healthy to be my most favorite when it comes to taste but this tea doesn`t have a bad taste. I tried with and without honey. I prefer with honey but it is acceptable without as well. I also like the fact that this tea is CAFFEINE FREE. Great for the evenings! For a little under $16, I rate this Tea five out of five stars. I am thrilled I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review. Opinions are my own and I did not get paid for this review. This is a product I would recommend!
Highest quality green tea.

Shared by The Cat Next Door 4 years ago

This green leaf tea has a soft and delicate taste. There is no need to add any honey to it, it is easy to drink as it is. I am a fan of green teas, I only drink green teas and this is one of the best I tried. The color this leafs produce when mixed with hot water is greenish, not yellow like other teas. The leafs are big and look like a hand picked, first selection. There is a information on the package, that this is a product of China, but definitely it is a premium one. It`s a 3.5 oz (100 g) in a zip lock bag. It smells very quality, like a sample from Teavana. I think, the price is a little high, but so do good teas cost. I am greatly enjoying my Mulberry Tea and will drink it to the end with pleasure. Leafs are huge when they expand and just a little is needed to make a perfect cup of tea, the serving suggestion is 2 teaspoon per glass, but I used much less. It is also hard to measure this way, because the leafs are bigger than teaspoon. Sample provided for evaluation.
Five Stars

Shared by Amazon Customer 4 years ago

No specific details provided, just a rating of our White Mulberry Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf.
Five Stars

Shared by Kathy Nather Thomas 4 years ago

Very light and pleasant tea.
A mild-tasting herbal tea with no caffeine and some possible health benefits

Shared by Whistlers Mom 4 years ago

I didn't know what to expect when I brewed my first cup of this. My only personal experience of the mulberry tree is the one that grew in our back yard when I was a child. Every year it had masses of huge, juicy-looking fruits, which tasted absolutely awful. The birds loved them and between the squashed purple berries and the bird poop, fruit season was a messy situation. Trust me, nobody wanted to play "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" near that tree. I did some research and learned that there are a number of species of mulberry, including the one native to China which is the primary food source for the silkworm. Mulberry is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of ailments. Lately there have been small studies which indicate (hard to say definitely with small studies) that mulberry leaf extract regulates blood sugar and improves cholesterol levels. We know for certain that it gives you a boost of some valuable nutrients such as potassium and magnesium. The average American diet is woefully lacking in those two and we are feeling the effects. I love the package - a minimalist paper container with a lining that must do a fine job of keeping the tea fresh. When you open it up, the pungency is noticeable. Stale tea leaves have a faint odor. These smell fresh. The bag opens and reseals easily. It's effective packaging without waste or pretentiousness. Just right. The instructions say to use one teaspoon per cup of water, but this is the most coarsely ground tea I've ever seem. I found some pieces that were 4" long. Hard to get something that size in a teaspoon. I just pull out a good pinch and that works fine. Watching the leaves unfold and expand is a wonderful, Zen-like experience. If you don't have a clear tea-infuser, you need to get one so you can enjoy the brewing process as well as the drinking. I've used several brands. "Immortalitea" is a favorite. Just drop the tea leaves into the infuser container, add hot water, and let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes. It turns a delicate yellowish color and has a mild grassy aroma. The taste is mild for an herbal tea and I think most tea-drinkers would like it, even if they aren't big herbal tea fans. As expected, it has an earthy, grassy taste. I add a bit of sweetener, but it's so mild you don't have to mask the flavor to enjoy it. I've been enjoying a cup or two of this in the evening when I'm needing to wind down and relax before bed. The fact that there's no caffeine makes it perfect for a night-time drink. I like the mild taste and the aroma. The packaging is out-standing and the price is comparable to other quality teas. The seller wisely refrains from claiming earth-shattering health benefits, but I suspect there are some. At very least, it's a pleasant way to relax and imbibe some important nutrients. Bottoms up! Free sample provided for review.
Best buy for weight received.

Shared by Corey W. 4 years ago

More stems than I like, but break them up and use them; they're still good. Can use twice, even three times (recommend small tea ball/strainers) available on Amazon, too; 6 balls for $5.00!
Great Tasting Tea

Shared by Carolyn Veltrop Calhoun 4 years ago

I've only used this once. I put the loose tea into disposable drawstring tea bags. Let it boil for just a few minutes then steep til it cools enough to drink. The flavor is great. You could drink it without adding any sweetener. I always use pre sweetened creamer in my tea so I have added sweetness. My only complaint with this tea is that the bag I received is at least 50% twigs. This doesn't alter the taste in any way. It does make it difficult to get the tea into the bags, or into any tea infuser.